Welcome to Velvet Society. The exclusive, esoteric
society for the liberated beau monde.

We are Velvet Society. A covert group for selectively
approached females and their male companions.

Steeped in history and in existence for many years,
however intensely guarded and secretive.

We offer pleasure and exploration for the sexually

You cannot apply, but you may be invited behind the

Velvet Society is said to have been in existence for
some 400 years. The founding members were
rumoured to be Lady Dashwood and the Duchess
of Wharton whose husbands had established
the famous Hell Fire Clubs of 18th Century Libertine

Not to be outdone, Lady Dashwood and
the Duchess hosted extravagant parties of their
own, dedicated to allowing ladies of quality the
highest degree of secrecy needed to indulge
themselves in immoral acts – a pleasure normally
firmly reserved for men.

Over centuries the Society has grown and
evolved but the ethos has not changed –
a closely guarded, secret meeting place for
like-minded sexual hedonists.

The Society's founder members, the Duchess and Lady Dashwood, had been specific from the outset that its foundations must always remain intrinsically feminine. Their instructions are still firmly at the forefront and, as the title of Duchess is passed to the new custodian of the society, this outlook and direction is further reinforced and developed. The Duchess relies upon a small group of close, specially selected female cohorts to help run the Society, host the events and oversee the acceptance of potential new members.

The Society has a hierarchical structure and female members are afforded special privileges and promotion through its ranks dependant on length of membership and attendance at parties.

New recruits are recommended to current Society members on the basis of their physical and intellectual suitability as well as their social standing – all qualities most rewarded by the Society. Current members include aristocracy, politicians and celebrities. First and foremost, members must undertake to conduct themselves impeccably at all times, their recommendation is a direct reflection of the member's validation and they must always act accordingly and with the utmost discretion. All applications are then considered by the Duchess and her team before being accepted.

Males are only permitted to Society gatherings as guests when they accompany current female members to ensure that the ultimate aim of indulgence and exploration of female sexuality is achieved. Males hold no status within the Society and can only attend while their female companion holds a current membership.

Once accepted into the Society, you will enjoy access to invitation-only intimate gatherings in sumptuous surroundings. Where others have followed the Society was the original and the motivation has always been pleasure, never personal gain.

Always female-led and exclusive, our events are for selected
members, their male companions and single female guests only.

At an event guests are expected to dress to impress and entry
will be denied if guests are not suitably attired and masked.

When the time comes and the atmosphere changes, clothing is
shed and we encourage participation rather than observation.

Communication: Is there something you desire that we are not

We want your time with us to be an escape from the mundane.
Similarly, if you feel there is something you can add to benefit all
members, we are alwayshappy to listen.

Discretion: The safety and security of our members is paramount.
Anyone failing to observe this will be asked to leave the society.

If you are interested in hearing more and think you may be
a welcome addition to the society, please contact The Duchess
at info@velvetsociety.org
She very much looks forward to hearing from you.